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Germany: Lidl introduces work sabbatical

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Discounters are known for their high productivity and a demand for high performances by their employees. Lidl introduces something quite revolutionary, the work sabbatical.

After five years of service, Lidl employees have the option to request up to three months of sabbatical leave. The aim of offering a sabbatical to employees is to promote a good work-life balance by giving people the opportunity to take time off work with the guarantee that they will return to the same job afterwards.

Every employee at Lidl can apply for an unpaid sabbatical of up to three months as long as they have worked five full years in the Schwarz Group, says a spokesman from Lidl. There is also the option of taking up to three months of sabbatical leave at half salary – depending on which country the employee works in. Some Lidl countries offer a 50/50 model, where it is possible to work full time on half salary for three months and then take three months off and still receive half salary. It is important to us that our employees take time to enjoy the important things in life such as family, travel, learning, and mental breaks, according to Lidl International.

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