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Belgium: Lidl opts for ecological cash register tickets

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Belgium (owned by the German Schwarz Group) has recently started using a new, more sustainable receipt in its stores. The aim of the retail chain is to “make groceries more ecologically together.”

After the primary and secondary packaging that received a sustainability certificate, it is up to Lidl's till tickets to become (more) ecologically responsible. The aim of the retail chain is to make groceries more ecological. The new cash register, which has been introduced gradually since April, is blue and made of ecological material certified by FSC, meaning it comes from sustainably managed forests. The receipt ink is resistant to light, oil and water, which optimizes long-term visibility. The ticket is also recyclable, so it can be placed with paper and cardboard without any worries. Finally, contact between the receipt and food is no problem at all: the material is not harmful to health.

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