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UK: Lidl will display two prices for groceries in the future

Discount Retail Chain Lidl UK (owned by the German Schwarz group) is giving its electronic shelf price labels (ESL) a new design. As the "Lebensmittel Zeitung" reports, the prices are now displayed in black in a white box, which should ensure better readability. The color red is now displayed less prominently on the offer signs.

Particularly practical: The ESL now also shows the price that you pay as a Lidl Plus customer for the respective product. In the future, this will be sold in black next to the normal retail price. The loyalty program, which was launched in 2018, is now available in all 30 European Lidl countries.

New electronic price tags at Lidl

According to Lid, the ESL's new design has been "rolled out on all existing electronic price tags." An adaptation of the software was apparently not necessary for this, which is why the rollout could take place so quickly. The electronic price tags are currently being introduced bit by bit throughout Europe. In Germany, all prices in the fruit and vegetable departments as well as the action areas are now provided with the digital signs.


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