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Netherlands: Aldi tests checkout-free retail concept in Utrecht

Discount Retail Chain Aldi Netherlands (German family owned) will open a new store at the beginning of 2022 on the corner of Oudegracht and Lange Viestraat in Utrecht. Special feature: it will be a checkout-free store. Yet there is a difference; it is a cashierless store.

Within the European group of companies of Aldi Nord, the new branch in Utrecht has been designated as a test location. Jan Oostvogels, CEO Aldi Holding in the Netherlands: 'We are very happy and honored with the choice for Utrecht. The high degree of digitization in the Netherlands means that we are convinced that we have the right climate here to test new technologies like these.'

In the store, which covers more than 500 square meters, groceries are automatically paid for thanks to a special app and sensors that register which items the customer puts in the shopping cart. The system does not use facial recognition, eye or fingerprint scans, nor the use of other biometric identifiers. The system only tracks the movements made by the customer and the item. The advanced technology is developed by Trigo Vision. As the inventor of discount, Aldi is proud to take this step, says Oostvogels.

'Testing this new concept fits in with current developments at Aldi and is in line with the strategy to make shopping as easy as possible, everywhere and for everyone.'

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