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Netherlands: Brand discounter Nettorama performs strong results

Nettorama (privately owned by Bastmeijer family) has had a great year in 2022. Both turnover and profit rose sharply, Quote reports.

Nettorama posted a turnover of €2022 million in 410. This is reported by rijkenblad on the basis of annual reports filed with the Chamber of Commerce. Of that €410 million, about a quarter remained as gross profit. After deduction of personnel expenses of €28 million, other sales costs and taxes, the bottom line was a net result of exactly €24,298,271 for the Bastmeijer family. Quote states that Nettorama is remarkably healthy financially. 'Pinstripes that want to sell bank loans have little chance with Bastmeijer', according to the business magazine.

Nettorama achives €58 million more turnover than a year earlier.

That turnover of €410 million for 2022 is considerably higher than the €352 million achieved by Nettorama in 2021. Profit also rose sharply, by almost €3 million. 'And that with only 32 supermarkets', Quote notes with some surprise. Almost €760,000 is made in profit per location, a calculation shows. The total profit was paid in its entirety as dividend to (Jaap) Bastmeijer, according to Quote.

Bastmeijer has been on the Quote 500 rich list for years. The magazine estimated his net worth at around €600 million in November this year. , Distrifood reported at the time. That capital would now have grown by just over €24 million. The highest ranked supermarket owners in the list are Colette, Frits and Monique van Eerd. Together, they would account for around €2.7 billion.

Quote states that it has high expectations for the coming years and that it follows Nettorama with suspicion. 51 stores converted from the Boni formula to Nettorama. As a result, the total grows to 83 supermarkets. 'Will Bastmeijer's Nettorama break the €12 million profit barrier in 60 months?', the business magazine wonders. According to Quote, the success of the A-brand discounter is partly due to the disappearance of promotional formulas such as Edah and C1000. A gap where the low-price formula dived. As a result of the merger with Boni.

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