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Netherlands: Fresh produce from local Dutch growers central to ALDI's latest 'Net Zo' campaign

Discount Retail Chain Aldi Netherlands (German family owned) will launch the new 'Net Zo' (translated as 'just as') campaign in the Netherlands, which focuses entirely on potatoes, vegetables and fruit (fruit and vegetables) from Dutch soil. It is the first time that fresh produce is central to a campaign of the discounter. With this campaign, the supermarket shows that, perhaps contrary to what consumers think, ALDI's fresh produce does indeed come from the Netherlands. And it is just as fresh and qualitative as elsewhere, but for an ALDI price. This Net Zo campaign, starring the Dutch grower, can be seen in all ALDI marketing channels.

“Not everyone thinks of ALDI when it comes to potatoes, vegetables and fruit from Dutch soil. We are going to change that with the very first fruit and vegetable campaign. We are going to show the whole of the Netherlands that a lot of ALDI potatoes, vegetables and fruit are brought to the customer's plate with just as much care and love, fresh from our own soil. But then for an ALDI price. Moreover, the campaign is a good moment to give our own Dutch growers a well-deserved podium,” says Gijs de Jong, Category Manager Fruit & Vegetables at ALDI in the Netherlands.

ALDI's Dutch growers have a prominent role in the new 'Net Zo' campaign. For example, the strawberry grower from Bemmel in Gelderland plays the leading role in the TV commercial and stories from various growers can be read in the folder and on the website. The growers will also be featured on ALDI's social media channels through a playful activation.

The fruit and vegetable campaign is a logical continuation of the steps ALDI took earlier in the field of fruit and vegetables. In November last year, the discounter gave the go-ahead for the roll-out of the new store formula, in which potatoes, vegetables and fruit are positioned upon entering the store. The campaign is the next step in which ALDI gives the fresh assortment a prominent place.

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