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Netherlands: Online retailer Picnic introduces a Private Label branded dry groceries products

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

E-commerce retailer Picnic will develop and start selling parts of its assortment under its own Picnic brand. For example chips, preserves and paper towels. A team of six people is currently working on the designs and research. The online super gets help and support from supermarket partners as Dutch Boni and German Edeka. These partners know a lot about private brands and about supply chains.

The Picnic private label brand is offered at every price level. It is going to build the first sustainable e-commerce brand. The private label will appear throughout the whole assortment. Picnic wants to build a brand that customers like and that has both topline and discount products. It has to be sustainable in the packaging, recipe and in the supply chain. Starting with products that are sold a lot, or products that are wasted a lot, such as the air around chips. This is a waste to the supply chain. See here for more on DRC private label development

Picnic currently already sells a number of fresh products with its own PL brand. For example, in the app customers can choose their own brand egg, milk and meal packages developed by Picnic.

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