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Netherlands: Wibra's Strategic Expansion Plans and Growth Strategy

Updated: Mar 13

Discount Variety Retail Chain Wibra's expansion within the Netherlands under the strategic leadership of Bas Duijsens involves a rapid and ambitious plan to add 200 new branches, effectively doubling their current store base. This impressive growth initiative also involves an ingenious approach of utilizing old buildings from bankrupt retailers like Big Bazar for the new Wibra stores, showcasing the company's adaptive and resourceful mindset in establishing a broader market presence.

Wibra's Ambitious Expansion Plans in the Netherlands

Wibra's expansion strategy in the Netherlands spells out an ambitious vision, aiming to add 200 new branches to their existing network. This approach is not only ambitious but also strategic, as they plan to use old buildings from defunct retailers like Big Bazar for their new stores. The pace of their expansion is remarkable, with 20 rental contracts already inked for the current year, signaling a rapid growth trajectory. Additionally, with the commitment to open a new store every week until June, Wibra is set to significantly enhance its presence in the Dutch retail landscape.

Wibra's Strategic Expansion Plans and Notable Growth

Wibra's visionary general manager, Bas Duijsens, is leading a strategic expansion plan aimed at adding 200 additional branches within the Netherlands. This significant growth strategy involves the utilization of old buildings from bankrupt retailers like Big Bazar for the new stores, reflecting both a pragmatic and sustainable approach to expansion. At the same time, Wibra is actively committed to international expansion, with plans for the first store in France to open this spring and the intention to add more discounter stores in Belgium. The company's financial position is robust, as evidenced by a notable profit increase of 27 percent as per the annual figures at the end of November. Wibra's growth under the leadership of CEO Bas Duijsens marks a compelling success story for the discount chain.


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