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North Macedonia: Lidl enters with its first store

Discount Retail Chain Lidl North Macedonia (owned by the German Schwarz Group) enters the North Macedonian market with the construction of its first store. This will be the 33rd country in which Lidl is active with stores. The construction of the first Lidl store in North Macedonia started in Bitola, with August 3 as the start date of work on one of the two purchased plots.

According to, the Lidl store will be located at the Dulie roundabout. According to the same source, construction crews these days cleaned the area that was fenced off and installed a construction board that says that the construction of the market will take a year.

In addition to buying land for the construction of stores, the company is constantly looking for workers for the logistics center that will most likely be located in Kumanovo, according to the portal The store will most likely be supplied from Bulgaria at the start.

The opening date of the first stores is unofficially mentioned in 2026.

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