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Norway: KIWI is Norway's best-liked grocery chain

Discount Retail Chain KIWI (owned by Norgesgruppen) is in the top 3 of the most positively mentioned brands in 2022, among 250 Norwegian brands.

Using six different image parameters, YouGov prepares a global and a Norwegian ranking of brands that perform particularly well each year. The Norwegian top 10 list is made up of brands with Norwegian or Nordic origin. Discounter KIWI takes third place in YouGov's survey of which brands Norwegians have the best impression of.

KIWI CEO Jan Paul Bjørkøy is very pleased with the podium position. 'It is of course very proud to be named the third most positively discussed brand in Norway, and to have the honor of being on the top 10 list for the fifth time in a row. This indicates that people have confidence in our healthy, green concept, our low prices and our clever and positive employees. I would like to thank the customers for their trust and the employees for their efforts,' says Bjørkøy.

The top 10 list of positive reviews for 2022 looks like this:

YouGov's top 10 list of brands:

1. Vipps


3. Kiwi


5. Tine

6. Clas Ohlson

7. Samsung


9. Freia

10. Guild

Discounter KIWI was ranked third in YouGov's top 10 list of brands.

The ranking follows the index score of YouGov's Brandindex, which measures the average of the parameters quality, general impression, value for money, recommendation, reputation and customer satisfaction.

What is YouGov?

YouGov is a British analysis and consulting company that works internationally.

Every day, YouGov interviews 100 people in Norway to ask about their perceptions of 250 different brands. The public's responses make up YouGov's annual buzz rankings - a list of the most positive 'buzz' - and are based on what the public has read in newspapers, heard from friends, rumours, marketing and advertising.

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