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Poland: It is a good time for Action to develop

Discount retail is doing very well today, the pandemic has not inhibited its dynamic development. "This format worked well in times of economic downturn, when it was most important for the consumer to look for savings. The value of Action's shopping cart has increased. This is a good time for us to develop", says Sławomir Nitek, CEO of the Discount variety Retail Chain Action Polska (owned by 3i group), portal in an interview with the portal.

How do you view the situation of fixed trade? What phenomena will favor it, what harm will it cause? Stationary trading, despite the restrictions resulting from the pandemic and increasing e-commerce competition, is doing well. According to a report by the Polish Council of Shopping Centres, in May 2021 the visitation rate of the centers was at 92% in May 2019, that is, before the pandemic. This confirms our belief that customers just like this form of shopping. We believe that a stationary store is not only a place to make a transaction, but an important part of social life, and even entertainment when viewing new products, giving us a sense of normality and security. Of course, we ensure that all sanitary and epidemiological standards regarding the width of the avenues, disinfectants or guards for employees are met.

What technological changes can most closely remodel the way we shop in physical stores? We are currently conducting piloting in Poland related to the introduction of self-service checkouts. For now, such devices can be used in four stores. The first conclusions we have drawn from the analyses indicate that this solution is more popular in large cities. In smaller ones, customers are slowly convinced that this is a great way to speed up trading. We are open to searching for and implementing technical capabilities that strengthen customer engagement. His contact with Action's offer increasingly begins online on our website and on social media, and later transforms into regular visits to our stores. Regardless of the development of technology, the most important for us are people, great, motivated and constantly developing employees. We offer them a good working environment and many opportunities for learning and development, soft skills training, leadership training and more. We try to make sure that every employee finds an understanding and support in Action that positively influences the atmosphere. This is also confirmed by the figures. According to the "Voice of Action" survey, which involved 92% of all employees, 88% of them feel involved in the life of the company. An important number is also more than 2,000 people employed in Action in Poland.

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