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Poland: Lidl allocates US$57 million for pay raises and new jobs

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Polska (owned by the German Schwarz Group) starts the year 2022 with ambitious plans to increase employment and pay rises. The company's team currently has 25,000 employees. The chain continues to plan to systematically increase employment, allocating nearly PLN 100 million (US$ 25 million) to create new jobs. The planned investments will result in the creation of approx. 1,500 new jobs in shops, warehouses and the headquarters of Lidl Polska.

This year, Lidl will allocate PLN 125 million (US$31 million) for raises, and nearly PLN 100 million for the creation of new jobs. In comparison: in 2021, Lidl spent over PLN 120 million (nearly 24,000 employees) on pay raises and annual bonuses, and in 2020 this amount was PLN 66 million (US$17 million).

From March 2022, store employees will earn from PLN 3,750 (US$940) to PLN 4,600 (US$1,156) gross at the beginning of employment. After one year of work, the employer guarantees a salary increase to the level of PLN 3850 (US$967) to PLN 4800 (US$1,206), and after two years of work experience from PLN 4100 (US$1,030) to PLN 5050 (US$1,270). The level of remuneration is each time defined in the employment contract.

It is about PLN 250 (US$63) more than before. Until March this year. store employees earn monthly from PLN 3,550 (US$) to PLN 4,350 (US$) at the beginning of employment. After one year of work, they were guaranteed a salary increase to PLN 3,650 (US$) to PLN 4,550 (US$), and after two years of internship, from PLN 3,900 (US$) to PLN 4,800 (US$).

However, in the case of the salary of the warehouse staff, after the increases, it will be from PLN 4,350 (US$) to PLN 4,750 (US$) at the beginning of employment. After one year of work, it will increase to PLN 4,550 (US$) to PLN 5,000 (US$). After two years of employment, it will be from PLN 4,800 (US$)to PLN 5,250 (US$), and after three years of work from PLN 5,100 (US$) to PLN 5,500 (US$).

In turn, store managers can count on remuneration in the amount of PLN 4,850 (US$1,218) to PLN 5,550 (US$1,400) when starting work in this position. After a year, the salary will increase to the level from PLN 6,050 (US$1,520) to PLN 6,400 (US$ 1,608), and after 2 years it will be from PLN 6,950 (US$ 1,746) to PLN 7,500 (US$ 1,885). Moreover, at Lidl Polska, all store managers are entitled to a company car. The position taken determines the amount of the raise. In total, the company will spend as much as PLN 125 million (US$31 million) on salary increases.

Apart from wages higher than the average wages retailers, Lidl guarantees its staff a package of non-wage benefits, such as private medical care, group insurance, Multisport card, training, layette "for a baby" and a first-grader, as well as a free Employee Support Program, under which they can benefit from the help of a psychologist, lawyer and financial advisor. One of the advantages of working at Lidl Polska is also a chance for professional development, the company promotes equal pay for women and men as well as internal promotions. In addition, all employees and their relatives can expand their competences thanks to free access to eTutor, a platform for independent language learning online.

It is also worth recalling that as part of the Christmas surprise, each employee of Lidl Polska received PLN 1,000 (US$250) (PLN 800 in the form of purchase coupons in the Lidl Plus application and PLN 200 in the form of a gift card). In this way, the network invited all its employees, associates, as well as people employed by some contractors to take part in the great promotional campaign of the Lidl Plus shopping application. Additionally, over 21,000 Christmas packages were handed over to the employees' children.

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