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Poland: Lidl develops self-service check-outs and a veg range

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Poland's main goal is customer satisfaction. In order to increase the comfort of shopping, Lidl tested self-service checkouts - in mid-August last year - it now already has 1,000 such cash registers in its stores. Lidl Poland is satisfied with the course of the tests, so it plans further roll-out of the project and will systematically launch self-checkouts in all other stores.

Lidl notes that there have been recent changes in consumer purchasing behavior. Basic articles have gained in importance. The chain constantly monitors and makes related decisions regarding its product assortment range. It now also offers numerous price promotions for food and non-food products to meet the current needs of customers.

For several years, Lidl has also noticed the growing interest of customers in meat-free products, which is why it gradually expanded its offer of products for vegans and vegetarians. In May 2020, Lidl introduced the „Wege Strefę Lidla” (translated "Vegi Lidl Zone"), which is now available in all stores of the chain in Poland. Currently, it contains about 30 products - incl. alternatives to dairy products, vegetable and vegetable ready meals, alternatives to meat or vegetable pastes, humus and tofu. Further expansion of this product group is expected

Lidl Poland emphasizes that sales in brick-and-mortar stores is very important and is its main distribution channel. Its customers, however, also have the opportunity to buy non-food products via an online store (, which was launched in 2019 for those who already buy at competitors, as well as those who do not live nearby Lidl stores and so far have not been able to buy non-food goods in them.

Currently, at, customers find, among textile, kitchen accessories, household appliances and tools, Lidl's private labels - as Parkside tools, Esmara women's clothing or Silvercrest household appliances - as well as manufacturers' brands.

Further Lidl Poland noticed a great interest in the Lidl Plus app, which offers customers interesting promotions, allows them to search for a store nearby, and also keeps e-receipts from purchases. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, Lidl has expanded the functionalities of the app for mobile payments. Currently, all Lidl Plus app users can pay for their purchases via their mobile phone - without having to enter a PIN code. Lidl Poland's calculations show that by using the Lidl Plus application, the customer can save up to US$ 133 (PLN 500) per month. 

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