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Poland: Lidl wants to hire 500 employees for its stores and warehouses

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Polska (owned by the German Schwarz Group) wants to draw attention to the most important values ​​that distinguish the network as an employer: employment stability, non-wage benefits not only for employees, but also for their families, as well as competitive wages and equal pay. Currently, over 500 jobs are waiting for candidates in Lidl stores and warehouses.

The campaign under the slogan "I have a contract for a secure future" The latest edition of the employer branding campaign "Work for years" will start on August 23. This time, the recruitment and image-building activities will be conducted under the new slogan "I have a contract for a secure future". With its actions, Lidl wants to emphasize the values ​​that are to encourage potential candidates to apply. During the campaign, Lidl Polska plans to hire 500 employees for its stores and warehouses.

'For me, Lidl means stability and financial security. I have a family, a wife and three children, a flat on credit, so I cannot afford to "experiment" with the payment of salaries that I will not have money for my children and "to live". It is very important to me that the company will not disappear overnight. Stabilization and safety are the most important things for my family', says Dariusz Powązka, Section Manager in the BS Będzin warehouse. What does Lidl Polska offer to candidates? From March 2021, store employees who start their careers earn from PLN 3,550 gross (US$ 3,550) to PLN 4,350 gross (US$1,1114). However, after one year of work, the employer guarantees a salary increase to the level from PLN 3,650 gross (US$934) to PLN 4,550 (US$1,166) gross, and after two years of internship, the salary increases to the level from PLN 3,900 gross (US$999) to PLN 4,800 gross (US$1,230).

From September, all Lidl Polska employees and their relatives will have the opportunity to expand their competences thanks to free access to eTutor, a platform for self-learning foreign languages ​​online. The application allows you to study anywhere, anytime. This online language self-learning platform focuses on daily knowledge, mobility and linguistic fun.

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