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Poland: new warehouse for Biedronka

Discount retail chain Biedronka (owned by Portuguese Jeronimo Martins) has divided Poland into 15 logistic regions. From March 1 this year. the distribution center in Gorzów Wielkopolski will become the independent capital of the new 16th region in the Biedronka chain, serving approx. 170 stores in its region. The Gorzów warehouse, located at ul. Metalowców 6 is the largest and most modern facility in the network.

The new region will start operating on March 1, 2021, thus the Distribution Center will fully perform an independent organizational and billing function in the structures of the Biedronka network. The Distribution Center in Gorzów Wielkopolski, opened in 2017, served until recently 173 stores from the 3 existing regions, Kostrzyn, Koszalin and Lubin. Ultimately, the center will supply facilities in the Dolnośląskie, Lubuskie, Wielkopolskie and Zachodniopomorskie provinces.

The logistics system of Biedronka consists of 16 distribution centers totaling over 400 thousand. m2 of warehouse space. Such a network helps to ensure optimal efficiency of the supply chain to more than 3,115 stores located in more than 1,100 towns in Poland.

From March 1, 2021, in connection with the creation of a separate management unit, organizational structures will be simplified, which will result in greater efficiency in store management. For customers, this should mean delivering fresh produce to stores when needed.

The purpose of creating a separate region is to unify the structure within the company. Thanks to this transformation, we will be able to respond better and more efficiently to the changing needs of customers. We will also be closer to our stores, which will improve the quality of their operation and increase satisfaction with shopping at Biedronka.

The distribution center in Gorzów has over 31.000 m2 of modern warehouse space. Its size corresponds to the area of ​​the Gorzów Speedway Stadium. Edward Jancarz, additionally enlarged by a football field. Over 400 people work here every day, which is as much as 36 full football squads or 100 speedway teams. They ensure that the center punctually leaves more than 5,800 pallets packed for 59 constantly running fleet vehicles. Deliveries to all 173 stores are implemented comprehensively, their punctuality is 91%, despite the fact that the average distance to the outlets is as much as 183 kilometers. The construction uses solutions reducing the impact on the environment, such as intelligent lighting systems adjusting the light to the level of natural light intensity. The optimal temperature for storing fresh products is based on the technology of using natural CO2 gases.

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