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Germany: Rush to Aldi apartments "huge potential" in Munich

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Discount Retail Chain Aldi (family owned) builds real estate. The new real estate projects of the discounter giant are in great demand in Munich.

Aldi is increasing, literally and figuratively ...

The times when the discounter opened a typical low-rise store in the industrial park are over at least in Munich. "We are looking for closeness to our customers," says Justus Rehn from Aldi. That means: New Aldi stores are being built where people live, work and spend their free time in creative sites and new building districts. In higher buildings, the supermarket is located on the ground floor, and apartments and / or offices are built above. The rush to stay in such mixed-use properties is great.

After Berlin and other large cities, it is now the turn of the Bavarian state capital. Aldi relies on real estate, the construction projects and plans of the discounter in Munich. In the end, Aldi is not just a grocery discounter, but is partly involved in the planning beforehand together with housing companies such as the Munich GWG. In order to research the needs of its customers and to win new partners for real estate projects, Aldi has set up its own contact points. "We don't just want to reach people from the neighborhood there," says Rehn, who heads the Munich office. "The growing urban clientele also includes the numerous business commuters who use breaks or after work to do a quick purchase." Munich has "huge potential", Rehn continues. “There are numerous parts of the city and locations that we would like to help shape.” But the road to get there is often long and rocky. "We are talking about development processes that sometimes take years from the first discussions to the start of construction ..." A "milestone" was celebrated in Haar in spring: after more than nine years of planning, the local council unanimously approved the implementation of Quartier 5 in the Art Nouveau park voted.

The new Aldi properties

According to Rehn, around 60 percent of the almost 40 Munich stores are now part of a mixed-use property. People live and work, shop and train here. The discounter has already entered into such partnerships in Giesing (Schwanseestrasse) and Ramersdorf (Ottobrunner Strasse), for example: there are apartments above both stores.

In Pasing, too, the motto is: living above the discounter.

München-Bau has built a complex with 164 condominiums in the new urban quarter on Paul-Gerhardt-Allee. The sales prices are between euro 8,000 (US$9,600) and euro 12,000 (US$14,400) euros per square meter. All but one of the apartments have been sold and the first tenants are already moving in.

Rush to Aldi apartments

Macherei in Berg am Laim more than three quarters already rented Residential project above the Aldi store. The architectural style of the “Macherei” in Berg am Laim is intended to be reminiscent of the old brickworks. In the new office and business district “Die Macherei” in Berg am Laim, up to 2,500 employees from established start-ups will work by autumn 2021. The discounter is moving to 1,500 square meters on the ground floor of building M2 with direct access to Berg-am-Laim-Straße. The facades of the “Macherei” are intended to be a reminder of the brickworks that once shaped the east of the city. More than three quarters of the almost 75,000 square meters of space have already been let. Among other things, restaurants, a design hotel and a fitness studio.

Aldi wants to create “affordable living space”

In Sendling, Aldi can “help create affordable living space and strengthen and revitalize the district,” says Rehn. A mixed-use property with a total of 180 apartments will be built on the corner of Radlkoferstrasse and Pfeuferstrasse by 2023, including for trainees, municipal servants and families. Social facilities such as apartments for the social service of Catholic women and the AIDS service are also planned. In addition, a day care center, a restaurant and a flexi-home for temporary living will be built.

Aldi building in Pasing-Obermenzing: "Belvedere" shopping and residential complex

In the second half of the year, Aldi will open a store on Paul-Gerhardt-Allee. The discounter is part of a small shopping center in the “Belvedere” complex with 164 condominiums, which was built by München-Bau. The “Belvedere” forms the entrance to a 33-hectare residential area that will one day be home to around 5,500 people. "Here, too, we want to prove that the combination of commercial and residential space is beneficial for the immediate environment and can enhance it," says Justus Rehn.

Aldi builds real estate: living above the discounter in Haar

A mammoth project in Haar is picking up speed Aldi is also part of this. The psychiatry area will be transformed into a new residential area for around 2,000 people. Together with the Upper Bavarian Heimstätte, the discounter is realizing two four-story structures in the northeast of the Art Nouveau park with a total of 45 apartments, offices, a shared underground car park and a large Aldi branch with additional retail and catering on the ground floor. The residents of the retirement home will finally have neighbors as well as shopping facilities plus a café.

See here for more: Aldi-Plan in München: „Riesiges Potenzial“ sorgt für Mega-Ansturm - alle Projekte im Überblick | Stadt (

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