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Russia: Lenta opens Monetka discount stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Discount Retail Chain Monetka, owner by Russian Lenta, announced the opening of the first stores under its brand in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Lenta opened two new stores under the Monetka brand in Moscow at 3 Semyon Gordogo Street and 10 Prosveshcheniya Street, Bldg. 1. In St. Petersburg, three retail outlets appeared at the following addresses: Bogatyrsky Prospekt, 2a, building 1, Zarechnaya Street, 41, building 1, and 15, bldg. 1, building 1.

For the convenience of customers, each store has two self-service checkouts, the opening hours in Moscow are from 8:00 to 23:00, in St. Petersburg from 8:00 to 22:00. The sales area of the new stores is from 295 to 305 square meters. The assortment includes up to 3,600 products, it is selected to meet the short shopping missions and daily needs of the residents of nearby houses.

Monetka's commercial team, together with Lenta's team, adapted the assortment of stores to the needs of residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg, adding products from local brands. The opening of Monetka stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg is one of the steps taken by Lenta to implement its strategy for the development of the convenience store format until 2025. In October, the company announced the acquisition of this retail chain of convenience stores. Lenta's plans for further organic growth in the convenience store format mainly through the opening of stores under the Monetka brand, while the existing Mini Lenta stores will also be rebranded and will continue to operate under the Monetka brand. The Monetka team has already renovated Mini Lenta stores and opened them under the Monetka brand in the Urals and Siberia: in Barnaul, Yekaterinburg, Kemerovo, Novosibirsk and Perm.

The company plans to gradually unify its decision-making processes related to strategy, investments, accounting, finance, treasury, internal audit and legal issues. Cross-synergies can also be achieved in IT, logistics, and other operational processes. Lenta reduced prices for Kamchatka pink salmon thanks to direct contracts with producers in the Far East

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