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South Africa: Boxer and RELEX solutions partner to enhance supermarket’s fast paced efficiency need

Discount Retail Chain Boxer (owned by RSA Pick 'n Pay) has selected RELEX Solutions, provider of unified retail planning solutions, to implement forecasting and replenishment for their stores and distribution centres. As one of South Africa’s fastest-growing discounter Boxer will leverage the RELEX solution in 300+ stores and five distribution centres, improving availability and driving sales across all its activities.

Prior to RELEX, Boxer used its own in-house systems to manage this area. However, it saw the opportunity with RELEX to implement a specialized system to support the company’s rapidly scaling needs. The RELEX solution will automate previously time-consuming processes while driving inventory reduction and improve availability in stores and distribution centres. Boxer will leverage RELEX’s flexibility to manage the complex needs of approximately 3,500 SKU’s across its commodity, groceries, butchery, bakery, health & beauty, non-foods, liquor and DIY categories within a single solution.

“Our mission at Boxer is to make quality products and services available to our shoppers at market leading prices,” said Justin Galloway, Group Executive of Supply Chain at Boxer. “We knew we wanted to invest long-term in a supply chain tool that could automate many of our processes as well as bring about improvements in availability and working capital. RELEX will not only drive forecast accuracy and bring in machine learning and AI into the business, but also bring about efficiencies in Boxer’s supply chain planning.”

“We’re thrilled to expand for the first time into the South African market, and we’re extremely proud to be doing it with Boxer as our partner,” said Jason Berry, VP Sales for Central Europe and South Africa at RELEX. “Boxer and RELEX share a commitment to translating efficiency and effectiveness into the best possible experience for end consumers. RELEX has the depth of experience needed to assist Boxer with its forward momentum and growth as a leading price-point retailer with a large, complex assortment, and we’re eager to get to work with the company’s talented team.”

Working alongside a local implementation partner, HeadByte Retail, played a key role in the RELEX expansion into South Africa. Jason Berry commented on the relationship: “We are delighted to work alongside HeadByte and to leverage their local experience, support and investment in delivering business benefits to Boxer and its customers. RELEX’s global partner community is constantly growing and we couldn’t be more excited by this relationship.”


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