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Spain: Aldi leads the growth of supermarkets with almost 11% more commercial area

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Discount Retail Chain Aldi Spain (owned by the German Albrecht familiy) reaffirms itself as the national chain that grew the most in percentage terms in commercial area in 2021, according to data published by Retail Data, with 10.53% more commercial land compared to last year.

This figure also represents one more point compared to the same data for 2020, which amounted to 10%, and which already positioned it as the leader in expansion at a percentage level, among national chains.

The distribution chain closed 2021 with more than 390,000 m2 and a total of 357 supermarkets in the country, of which 40 were new openings. At a regional level, Andalusia was the region where it expanded its presence the most, with 11 openings and almost 10,000 more m2 of retail space. In total, its establishments currently total 91,901 square meters of sales room, which will increase with the forecast of new openings for this 2022.

In this sense, Aldi maintains its expansion plan and has already announced that it plans to open nearly 50 new supermarkets throughout the Spanish territory. The openings will be concentrated in strategic areas for the company, such as the Community of Madrid, the Valencian Community, Catalonia and Andalusia, but, for the first time, they will also open in Asturias and, very especially, in the Canary Islands. In the island territory, the distribution chain plans up to 20 new openings over the next three years.


Aldi Spain not only grows in commercial area, but also in logistics land. With the intention of facing the strong expansion plan of the chain in the country with the best guarantees, the company began in 2021 the expansion of the logistics platforms located in Masquefa (Barcelona) and Dos Hermanas (Seville), which is expected to end during this year.

Aldi announced last year that it will also add a new warehouse of more than 31,000 m2 in Sagunto (Valencia) and is already working to complete the works of the first logistics center located in Agüimes (Gran Canaria) during the second half of 2022. This logistics center will have more than 26,000 m2 and will allow it to serve the establishments that will open in the island territory over the next few years.


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