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Spain: Aldi's new strategy to promote sustainable development

Updated: May 22, 2021

Discount Retail Chain Aldi Spain (German family owned) is committed to making 100% of its packaging circular.

In the midst of a price war in the different supermarkets that operate in Spain, Aldi wanted to announce a new strategy that looks more for sustainability and not so much for its business portfolio. With a view to 2025, the German discount chain has proposed that 100% of its own private label brand packaging be circular, that is, that they can be reused.

The 2030 Agenda that has prevailed throughout the European Union with the great objective of protecting the environment has arrived and will continue to reach the main continental companies. Thus, from Aldi and as has been customary in recent years, this time they have decided to promote a greater goal that achieves packaging much more linked to sustainability.

As reported by FinancialFood, German supermarkets will carry 100% of their recyclable, compostable and reusable packaging in four years. All products that go through their own private label brand, where the virgin plastic used for packaging will also be reduced by up to 20%.

Aldi announces a new cardboard packaging for its hamburgers in Spain

With more than 375 tons of plastic saved in all its stores in 2020, this new strategy will implement cardboard or glass packaging, as well as rPET. A material created from 20 to 100% recycled plastic that is very present in both food items and drugstore or cosmetics.

In addition, with regard to Spain, Aldi has already committed to commercialize 100% recycled plastic bags and compostable plastic bags in fruits, vegetables and bakery. For its part, in the last campaign it is guaranteed that the meat assortment is 100% national with 75% of the offer of the discount chain with Welfair certification of animal welfare, as well as the launch of a new cardboard packaging for hamburgers.


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