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Spain: Lidl realised US$6 Billion sales and will invest US$440 mio this year in openings

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Spain (owned by the German Schwarz Group) grew 9.7% last year in the Spanish market.

Lidl, the German discount retail chain, closed fiscal year 2020 with a new turnover record in Spain, in a year in which confinement and restrictions on leisure outside the home triggered domestic consumption. In this context, the company registered net sales of euro 4,825 million (US$5.8 Billion), which represents a growth of 9.7% compared to the previous year and is increasingly close to US$6 Billion. A barrier that, given the trajectory it has been showing in recent years, should be overcome with relative ease in 2021.

"In an extremely complicated year for all of us, we have learned to adapt to the circumstances and react by focusing our efforts on ensuring the health and safety of our employees and customers, guaranteeing the supply of our stores and redoubling our commitment to Spain", he explains in a statement the general director of Lidl Spain, Claus Grande, who thanked his staff for their efforts "for making it possible for Lidl to continue providing an essential service to the population and to our customers for having continued to trust us, allowing us to contribute decisively to the economic reactivation of a country for which we will continue betting in the future.”

During the past fiscal year, which Lidl concluded on February 28 of this year, the chain opened 40 new stores, exceeding 630 stores. As reported by the company, it allocated 350 million euros (US$ 420 mio) both in these openings and in the inauguration of a new logistics warehouse in the town of Agüimes, in Gran Canaria, which already has 11 logistics centers in the country. With all these actions, it created a total of 2,000 new stable jobs during the past year. In the last five years, Lidl has allocated euro 1.7 billion (US$2 billion) to growth in Spain and has added nearly 5,900 new jobs, increasing its workforce by 36% and exceeding 17,000 people.

An effort that will continue, and with greater force, in 2021. As reported, during this year it will make a record investment of € 400 million (US$480 mio), to add another 40 new stores to its chain and to expand its logistic centers. At the beginning of the year, it acquired land in Parla, and during 2021 it will begin work on the new warehouses in Escúzar (Granada) and Martorell (Barcelona) and in autumn it will launch what will be its new benchmark logistics platform for northern Spain in Nanclares de la Oca (Álava).

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