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Spain: Lidl supermarkets sell more than 100 million in wine

Discount Retail Chain Lidl (owned by the German Schwarz Gruppe) has reached a 8.7% share of the total volume of wine distributed in large stores , with more than 110 million euros sold in the last year, consolidating its third position in the market, according to the supermarket chain in a statement.

Of the three large distributors that dominate the national ranking, Lidl assures that it is the only one that does not lose market share . In terms of penetration, it is a step above when it is in second place, a position that it also reaches thanks to being the second chain that grows the most in this sense. In addition, the wine from the supermarket chain also becomes an important claim from buyers, since it is the second distribution chain that receives more acts of buying wine, points out the chain.

Likewise, Lidl has become a great promoter of the sale of Spanish wine abroad, since it currently exports 45 million liters to 20 European countries.


There are more than 60 national suppliers from 25 different Denominations of Origin that complete the Lidl wine cellar. This portfolio highlights the chain's commitment to the product of Spanish origin, one of the company's keys.

Currently Lidl buys products worth more than 4,600 million euros from more than 800 national suppliers, of which it exports 55% to the 30 countries where the company operates in the international market. In fact, Lidl is the first buyer of the Spanish garden with a business volume of more than 2,000 million euros, corresponding to more than 2 million tons of Spanish vegetables and fruit. Every year it exports more than 85% of this volume to the rest of the countries where Lidl has establishments.

"The most expensive wine we have in our stores is Finca La Cruz at 8.99 euros (US$10.7), a Ribera del Duero reserve that has 92 points in the Peñin Guide, a good example of this search policy," he added in this regard. Miguel Paradela, general director of Purchasing at Lidl Spain.

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