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Spain & Portugal: Aldi is testing a new sales channel in collaboration with Glovo

Discount Retail Chain Aldi Portugal and Spain will test a new home delivery channel in both countries as part of a partnership with the Glovo platform.

Through this partnership, customers in some regions of the greater Lisbon, Barcelona and Madrid area will be able to make their purchases easily and conveniently via the application , and receive products from the comfort of their own home Retail chain.

“Among the products that are available in Aldi stores, customers at Glovo will find various convenience items, from bakery, grocery, dairy, hygiene and beauty to cleaning categories. The product list will be adapted to the Aldi offer concept in due course,” said a statement from the discounter.

According to Wolfgang Graff, CEO of Aldi Portugal Supermercados Lda. "The Glovo model fits perfectly with the 'Discount Aldi' principle, in which we concentrate on simplicity and the essentials, always with the customer in mind."

“The intuitive ordering process and fast delivery that Glovo offers correspond to this principle,” assures this person.

The above statement states: "With this partnership, Glovo is also expanding its portfolio and consolidating its position in home delivery by offering products from supermarkets and local stores, as well as parapharmaceutical and electronics, beauty products, personal care products and even gifts".

“We want Glovo users to find everything they need in the application. In addition to its favorite restaurants, Glovo connects users to various types of services. Thanks to the strategic cooperation with Aldi Portugal, we can further expand the product range through application. Supermarket items are one of the most sought-after categories and have seen remarkable growth over the past year,” added Diego Nouet Delgado, General Manager of Glovo in the Iberian Peninsula.

Wolfgang Graff, for his part, is of the opinion that this strategic cooperation corresponds to the interests of his customers: "With this partnership we want to strengthen our commitment to being close to Aldi customers, as their needs always come first for us."

“That is why, with the support of Glovo, we are now offering our customers a new channel and a new shopping experience. In this way we can offer people a practical and safe solution so that they can continue to have access to the products they need without having to leave the house,” concludes the CEO of Aldi Portugal.

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