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Sweden: Dollarstore expands further

Discount Retail Chain Dollarstore's (privately owned) new central warehouse of 55,000 square meters will soon be open for operation and will supply all 118 stores in Sweden.

We look forward to opening the doors to Dollarstore's new distribution center in Örebro. We see several advantages in choosing Örebro as the location for our distribution; Among other things, a shorter transport distance to our stores, as Örebro has a central location in relation to our discount store, good railway connections to ports and our Norrland stores, as well as good conditions for future recruitments. We reduce transport distances to the stores and get closer to our suppliers, which results in shorter lead times, more sustainable for the environment and a cost reduction. In the long run, we look forward to welcoming 200 new employees to our new center, which opens for operation at the end of June, says Erik Landström, Operations Manager, Dollarstore.

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