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Turkey: 21 new stores from BİM to Hatay

Discount Retail Chain BIM Turkey, listed BİST: BIMAS, has been steadfast in its support for the affected regions, extending assistance from day one the destructive earthquake struck. In a significant stride towards the recovery process, BİM has inaugurated 21 new stores in Hatay, serving as a beacon of hope and revitalization for the communities grappling with the aftermath of the calamity. These endeavors reflect BİM's unwavering commitment to the restoration and rejuvenation of the areas devastated by the earthquake, symbolizing a profound dedication to extending unwavering support in times of dire need.

Sustained Efforts in Healing the Impact of the Earthquake

BİM remains committed to aiding in the recovery of the 11 provinces affected by the devastating earthquake. The restoration efforts have been a focal point for BİM, exemplifying the company's dedication to supporting the communities in need. Within the first year following the earthquake, a total of 25 stores have been successfully opened in Hatay, showcasing a steadfast commitment to contribute to the region's rebuilding process. This initiative not only addresses the critical need for accessible supplies and resources but also reaffirms BİM's unwavering support for the affected communities.

BİM's Ongoing Contributions to the Region

BİM has not only opened new stores but has also diversified its efforts to aid the earthquake-impacted region. From providing essential supplies and food to engaging in infrastructure rebuilding, BİM continues to showcase a strong commitment to support and aid in the reconstruction efforts. The company's ongoing contributions in various fields have been instrumental in helping the affected areas gradually recover from the aftermath of the devastating earthquake.


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