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UK: Aldi dims lights across all stores in a bid to slash soaring energy costs

Discount Retail Chain Aldi UK is turning off lights in all its supermarkets in a bid to save cash, as retailers continue to look for ways to compete with rivals and deliver lower prices for shoppers.

According to the Telegraph, Aldi is understood to be cutting the number of lights it has switched on across all its supermarkets from this month, as part of measures designed to cut energy bills and help towards net zero efforts.

It follows a trial where the German grocer turned off some of the lights in four stores earlier this year.

The reduction is not expected to affect shoppers’ experiences with Aldi adding that eco-friendly moves, including the installation of heat pumps across all new stores, will help to lower prices for shoppers.

A spokesman told the title that these new measures, including introducing more energy-efficient LED lighting into stores, “will reduce our energy consumption by around 10pc, whilst maintaining an excellent in store experience for our customers. Through measures like this we’re able to make our stores even more sustainable and maintain our position as the UK’s lowest-priced supermarket.”

Other grocers, including Morrisons and Co-op, have also trialled dimming lights this year, something the latter said would save it as much as £4,000 per store. The steps come as grocers seek to ward off a move by Downing Street to introduce a price cap on essentials to help tackle the ongoing cost of living crisis.


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