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UK: Aldi launches premium mince pies to rival luxury brand Fortnum and Mason

Discount Retail Chain Aldi UK (German family owned) cheekily took their mince pies to shoppers outside Fortnum and Mason to take part in a blind taste test.

Aldi launches their most premium mince pies ever that are set to rival luxury brands.

Aldi has launched their most premium mince pies ever in time for Christmas and they are set to rival other luxury brands offerings. The new Specially Selected Exquisite Mini Mince Pies are available in Aldi stores now and shoppers are convinced that they taste the same as the luxury equivalent from Fortnum and Mason. At just 29p per pie, shoppers can enjoy the budget supermarket's festive pies for 80% less than Fortnum & Mason’s Petit Fours Mince Pie Medley that are priced at £1.49 (US$2).

Saying that Aldi's premium mince pies can rival a luxury brand may be fighting words, but the budget supermarket is popular for their own branded dupes of high end items. Not only are Aldi's Specially Selected Exquisite Mini Mince pies unbeatable on price, but also on taste as they were named ‘Best Traditional Mince Pie’ at the Quality Food Awards (QFA). To prove that their mince pies could rival the luxury brand, Aldi cheekily parked a Bentley and chauffeur outside the doors of luxury store Fortnum & Mason to offer shoppers a blind taste test.

The budget supermarket's pies are 80% cheaper than their luxury rivals.

Aldi said that shoppers who took part in the taste test were amazed to find that their mince pies 'taste just as good' as their luxury rival. Shopper Glen Afwireng, said: “Aldi’s mince pies are absolutely heaven! I genuinely couldn’t tell the difference between Aldi and Fortnum’s mince pies, so I was shocked to be told the price difference between the two.

Fortnum and Mason shoppers were sneakily put to a taste test.

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK, says: “We know Fortnum customers like the finer things in life and we wanted to show you can get great quality at a fraction of the price by switching to Aldi.” The Specially Selected Exquisite Mini Mince Pies are the latest high end dupe from the budget supermarket that has shoppers obsessed. The budget supermarket has become quite infamous among shoppers for providing high end products for less on a range of products that includes skin care and beauty. Aldi's Specially Selected Exquisite Mini Mince Pies are available across Aldi stores now for shoppers looking to enjoy their festive treat for less.


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