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UK: ALDI retains crown as UK's cheapest supermarket

Updated: Jun 18

Discount Retail Chain Aldi UK has been named the cheapest supermarket for the fifth consecutive month, while Waitrose yet again is the most expensive.

According to the latest data from consumer watchdog Which?:

  • Aldi cost £121.56 for a basket of 69 items in May, £36.57 less expensive than Waitrose at £158.13.

  • The second cheapest grocer was rival discounter Lidl, costing just £3.32 more than Aldi, while Asda and Tesco followed at £137.91 and £138.84, respectively. Sainsbury’s was found to be slightly pricier at £142.33, followed by Morrisons at £144.36 and Ocado at £147.64.

For a larger selection of 177 groceries, excluding Aldi and Lidl, Asda was the cheapest supermarket at £461.98, while Morrisons came in second place followed by Tesco and Ocado.

Sainsbury’s came in at just under the £500 mark at £499.12, while Waitrose was again found to be the most expensive at £505.36.

It comes as Aldi has lowered the prices of over 45 of its fruit and vegetable products, as part of its latest series of price reductions.

Customers at the discounter can find lower prices on produce including berries, oranges, tomatoes and its fresh salad, as well as avocado and peppers which have been slashed by an average of 11%.

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