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UK: Aldi’s emotional Disney-like “Long Way From Home” Christmas ad voted best

Discount Retail Chain Aldi UK (privately owned) had the most successful Christmas advert this year according to a study which used artificial intelligence facial coding technology to track people’s emotions as they watched.

Kantar has unveiled its list of the most successful UK Christmas campaigns of 2020, evaluating more than 3,000 consumers’ emotional reactions against key dimensions of effective advertising.

Aldi’s “Long Way From Home” Christmas advert, featuring its recurring favourite Kevin the Carrot, came third overall in Kantar’s list, after coming first last year.

It was ranked third overall in two categories including “long-term return potential” and “is the ad enjoyable” thanks to its incorporation of humour and its ability to “build warmth for the brand and to differentiate it from others”. The next retailer on the list was M&S Food, coming in fifth place for its advert featuring Olivia Colemand.

Tesco also scored highly, being ranked first in the “how emotional do you feel” category ahead of Amazon which came in second. “Some of these ads have played a real role in lifting our spirits and making us feel better,” Kantar UK’s head of creative excellence Lynne Deason told Marketing Week.

Less successful were Amazon, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s adverts, according to Kantar.

Amazon’s “The Show Must Go On” advert scored poorly across three categories, including just four for whether people would remember the brand.

“It’s unfortunate for Amazon from an effectiveness point of view, although maybe they don’t need it this year given they’ll probably win out anyway, that the brand is very recessive,” Deason added.

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