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UK: Aldi to open new eco concept store

Aldi UK (German family owned) said the new shop has been designed and built to reduce life-cycle carbon emissions by up to two-thirds. The store will also make it easier for shoppers to reduce, reuse and recycle, with numerous plastic-reduction initiatives being trialled.

These will include a ‘hard to recycle’ unit at the entrance to enable customers to recycle items that are not collected by local authorities. Aldi will be the first UK retailer to trial a recycling point for coffee pods and medicine packets and will also accept batteries, soft plastics and cosmetic packaging.

Furthermore, the store will feature a nuts and coffee refill fixture to allow customers to buy the products packaging free.

Giles Hurley, chief executive of Aldi UK and Ireland, said: “Now more than ever, we must do our bit for the environment and this store offers us the ability to easily explore new in-store initiatives and low carbon store designs. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact in any way we can and are continuing to explore new initiatives all the time.

“What’s even better is that many of the changes made to this store, whether it be the energy-saving initiatives or our latest packaging-free trial, could allow us to put even more money back into the pockets of our customers.”

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