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UK: Lidl slashes price on its private label baby products by 20% for Lidl Plus card users

Discount Retail Chain Lidl UK (owned by the German Schwarz Group) has slashed the price of its private label branded 'Lupilu' baby products for Lidl Plus card users. The already low private label branded baby product prices have 20% off if you have a Lidl Plus card The card is virtual so you just have to download Lidl's free app to claim. The Plus card app lets you unlock money-off coupons when you reach your spending targets each month, and is a great way to save on Lidl's already low prices. Deals can be regional though, so not everyone will be able to claim this main target group oriented baby event offer, just type your postcode into the app to check if your local store qualifies. For example shoppers in Lincolnshire and the West Midlands have lucked out this week with the 20% off deal. If you are within the qualifying area for the deal then you have until next Wednesday to claim the money-off baby products that's running right now. Lidl updates the Plus card deals every Thursday so once this one has run out you'll be able to claim a fresh new one for other products, the day after. Once you've set up an account and have the Plus card ready to go all you have to do is "activate" the latest voucher in the coupon section and take it along to the store to scan the Plus card QR code at the checkout. You can only use the coupon once though so make sure you've picked up all the baby things you need in your shop. You can't buy Lidl products online so you'll have to make a trip out to the shops to nab the deal and stock will be subject to availability. Lidl's store finder helps to find the nearest Lidl.

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