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UK: Poundland expands grocery offering with fruit, frozen food and alcohol

Discount Variety Retail Chain Poundland (owned by Pepco Group) has revealed that it is accelerating its grocery rollout in its UK stores, which includes chilled, frozen, fresh fruit and veg as well as beers, wines and spirits.

In time for one of the warmest months of the year, frozen and chilled food will now be going into 24 more stores, bringing the total number of stores offering the ranges to over 570.

As it looks to become more of a one-stop shop, the discount retailer is also key fresh fruit and vegetables to more stores, with bananas, apples, carrots and soft fruit already available in over 400 stores and another 50 stores in July.

The move further strengthens the Poundland’s range revolution that’s taken place over the last three years, as it adds new categories such as clothing, homewares, and chilled and frozen food to offer customers an alternative to supermarkets.

Poundland is now on track to add over half a million square feet of new space this financial year as it opens and relocates stores. In the current financial year it has already opened and relocated 33 stores and expects to have opened over 50 by the end of September.

Poundland’s retail director, Darren Kay said: “We’re quietly widening what we offer customers, day-by-day and store-by-store, because we know customers appreciate the convenience of shopping with Poundland for much more of what they need week-in, week-out.”

He added: “Whether it’s a Poundland on a high street, in a shopping centre or on a retail park, we’re investing in our stores, our ranges and our stores to make them real destinations for our customers –all with the amazing value we promise ”

In March, Poundland launched a new price comparison campaign against Asda, Morrisons and Wilko’s prices, as it looked to solidify itself within the grocery space.


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