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China: Aldi takes steps to streamline Asian supply chain efforts

Updated: Jan 11

Aldi Süd International Buying Asia has implemented a new initiative company officials said will enhance the sourcing and shipping of products from Asia to stores around the world.

The grocer has gone live with the Intelligent Control Tower on the Digital Supply Chain Network from One Network Enterprises (ONE). According to ONE, access to the system will allow Aldi to improve its logistics operations by centralizing global shipping volume, increasing cost transparency, and improving its control over the movement of goods throughout the supply chain. 

This will also help Aldi improve its logistics and to develop a strategic ocean freight procurement strategy to better manage their global shipments of goods, company officials said. "We have selected the ONE Control Tower based on the depth of its capabilities and its ability to manage our freight end-to-end. We are confident that the solution can handle the complexities of our supply chain, starting with overall visibility and collaboration," says Fritz Walleczek, managing director of Aldi International Buying Asia. "This will greatly improve effectiveness in collaborating with our suppliers and being more responsive to our customers."

ONE's Intelligent Control Tower features a range of functionality including combined planning and execution architecture along with an embedded AI assistant. With the ONE Control Tower and NEO Platform, Aldi is integrating its global network of logistics partners and suppliers around a single data model at the core of ONE's network of networks, enabling real-time collaboration across trading partners, workflows, and applications.

Source: StoreBrands

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