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USA: Store brands appeal for US shoppers was unfazed by effect of the pandemic in 2020

The pandemic brought unprecedented volatility to US grocery purchasing in 2020, but consumers continued to favor store brands for about one of every four purchases across all major food and nonfood categories. Retailers' private brand accounted for 23.4% of all units sold in NielsenIQ's calculation for all outlets combined, which includes total US supermarkets, mass, club, and dollar discount channels, as well as drug chains. About one out of every five dollars spent by shoppers in all outlets, or 19.5% was for the retailer's store brand. Both figures were equal to the market share reported for the full year prior to the pandemic.

The 2020 sales figures provided to PLMA by NielsenIQ reflect the stength of store brands in the major grocery channels as American families learned to cope with the pandemic. Combining socially distanced shopping in stores with online purchases for curbside pickup and home delivery, consumers spent $16.5billion more (+11.6%) on store brands and $86 billion more (+12.8%) on all brands in the country's retail stores compared to the year prior.

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