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Workshop: DRC will be once more the guest-speaker at the annual Discounter Workshop

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

On Tuesday October 17th DRC will be hosted by Retail Cities at the third annual Discounter workshop.

Retail Cities, led by Ray Gaul, organizes this workshop, designed for suppliers and service providers who have product listings in at least one country with either Aldi or Lidl, or both, and wish to expand and improve continually at an international level. In this year's workshop, the main theme is "Discounter Boom".

The workshop is to answer the most difficult questions from suppliers and at the same time it will provide new perspectives on what is going on what experts from the retail industry predict for the future, what other suppliers are doing with these complicated customers, and new ideas around engaging consumers in the discount environment.

Discounters produced very strong topline sales growth in 2022 and during the running year of 2023. This is creating a new set of opportunities and challenges for the discounters themselves. At the same time, it creates challenges for suppliers and service providers around forecasting volumes, allocating resources, remaining in stock, problem-solving at high speed, and getting internal support to drive further growth.

The workshop session will last 3 hours.


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