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Belgium: Aldi pushes digital leaflets via QR up milk

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Discount Retail Chain Aldi Belgium (German family owned) is the first Belgian retailer to make its digital folder accessible via a QR code on the milk packaging of its own pirvate label brand Milsa. The paper brochure will remain, although it is intended to be phased out in due course.

If you want to read the digital folder, all you have to do is scan the QR code on the milk of house brand Milsa. Why the choice for milk? Milk lends itself to all kinds of preparations at different times of the day. Moreover, a quarter of the milk sold in our country comes from Aldi.

Still too limited range

QR codes are now more established than a few years ago. They can help make the online folder easier to access. It can now be found on the website, in the app or as a newsletter. However, it currently only has a limited reach, which is also much lower than that of the paper folder, namely at 10 percent.

With the project, the discounter combines cost savings with sustainability. It remains to be seen whether customers will make the switch to the digital folder. The paper counterpart will not be abolished, although the intention is to phase them out in due course.

Make more accessible

Every week, 4.4 million Aldi brochures are distributed through the shops and door-to-door distribution. Nine out of ten Belgians read the advertising brochures that fall in their mailbox. An information channel for Aldi that should not be underestimated and a handy purchasing power tool for the customer.

Rising energy and paper prices, however, forced the supermarket to take the QR initiative. In addition, a survey by iVox showed that people would consult the digital folder more often if it was more accessible. Enough reason for Aldi to try that out.

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