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Colombia: Discounters are very successful

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Discount Retail Chains are growing rapidly, taking significant market shares also in Colombia. As well in number of stores as in sales volume per store.

Discount Retail Chains USD sales / store:

D1: increased from $600K (in 2015) to $1.03M (in 2019), a +58%

ARA: increased from $730K (2015) to $1.38M (in 2019), a +89%

Justo Y Bueno: increased from $270K (in 2015) to $972K (in 2019), a +260%

Average: increased from from $729K (in 2015) to $1.1M (in 2019), a +48%

Supermarket chain USD sales / store:

Exito (marketleader): decreased from $6.6M (in 2015) to $5.9M (in 2019), a -11%

Showing discount retail is a big success in Colombia and expands further into other American countries.

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