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Colombia: Discounters are very successful

Updated: Aug 4

Discount Retail Chains are growing rapidly, taking significant market shares also in Colombia. As well in number of stores as in sales volume per store.

Discount Retail Chains USD sales / store:

D1: increased from $600K (in 2015) to $1.03M (in 2019), a +58%

ARA: increased from $730K (2015) to $1.38M (in 2019), a +89%

Justo Y Bueno: increased from $270K (in 2015) to $972K (in 2019), a +260%

Average: increased from from $729K (in 2015) to $1.1M (in 2019), a +48%

Supermarket chain USD sales / store:

Exito (marketleader): decreased from $6.6M (in 2015) to $5.9M (in 2019), a -11%

Showing discount retail is a big success in Colombia and expands further into other American countries.


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