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Netherlands: Customers flock to Wibra for wildly popular product: "A nice bonus for every customer"

Updated: Mar 13

Discount Textile Retail Chain Wibra's, management owned, private label cleaning and detergent brand Dasty's popularity is due to its excellent quality. A lot of care is also taken with the packaging and the scents of the products. The packaging and smell is a recognizable factor for every Dasty product that is developed," says Claudine Nachtergaele.

"The fact that a professional product is offered at a correct and low price at Wibra is a bonus for every customer. However, the real key to success is staying true to the principles and, above all, paying attention to the details. Wibra offers Dasty's full range, but this only represents a small part of the turnover."

New concept of Wibra

Wibra rolled out a new concept in 2021 that is now contributing to the success of the retail chain. "There are a lot more items that represent the basic range."

"The assortment is mainly built up in function of the manager of the family. We want to be there for the person who runs the household, makes sure the children are neatly dressed, organizes the birthday parties and creates a clean and cozy home, all at a low price."

"With our new store concept, we stay close to our customers. The appearance, furnishing and assortment is aimed at the daily needs of our customer, the family and the household. With main categories in our renovated stores, we show what you can go to Wibra for."


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