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Denmark: 2020 was a good year for ALDI

Discount Retail Chain Aldi Denmark (German family owned) made significant progress on the 2020 results and has reversed the development in the discount chain ALDI. ALDI Denmark's annual accounts for 2020 show that the discount chain is improving its result by DKK 170 million (US$28 million) compared to 2019, an improvement of as much as 33%.

New ALDI stores

The discounter ALDI Denmark came out stronger in 2020 with an improvement in net profit of DKK 170 million (US$28 million) compared to 2019. With growth in both revenue and earnings, the financial year shows a clear improvement on the ordinary result and a marked improvement in operations. In addition, there is a general improvement in the grocery retail sector as a consequence of the Corona pandemic. However, the positive development does not change the fact that ALDI Denmark will also deliver a significant deficit in 2020 as a whole. It shows the company's annual accounts for 2020.

“After several years of challenges, we have succeeded in reversing the trend, so that in 2020 we deliver a result that is 33% better than in 2019. The revitalization plan follows the expected timeline, and based on the investments and initiatives made in the financial year, the result is better than expected,” says CEO of ALDI Denmark, Finn Tang.

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