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Germany: Aldi and Lidl discount stores massively introduce ecological bio private label assortment

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Germany (owned by the German Schwarz Group) launched its own brand of bio products, competitor Aldi follows in its footsteps and introduces a private label that it wants to conquer consumers. "Bio, das weiter geht", as the name suggests, goes further in terms of bio standards. Around 2000 Aldi Süd branches currently have 15 products, most of them certified by Naturland, from various product groups. By 2024, there should be 50 Naturland certified products, according to the discount store.

Lidl, in turn, has been cooperating with Bioland for five years. It has a total of about 100 products of this brand on the shelves. Other supermarkets, such as Rewe, Edeka or Kaufland, have also established cooperation with companies from the ecological sector. Aldi already has organic products such as "Gut Bio" and "Schneekoppe", but they only meet the basic EU ecological standard The label "Only Nature" is an additional level of quality, which means that the products are without "unnecessary additives". Eco, bio and organic products are on top The organic offensive coincides with shocking reports about strawberries at Aldi, Lidl and other supermarkets that tests have shown are contaminated with pesticides. Which eco-friendly products will be available on Aldi Süd shelves in the future? Bread, cheese, milk and yoghurt, spaghetti, rice, ketchup or cold cuts and semi-finished meat products.

After the coronavirus crisis and inflation, Aldi hopes for a new boost in the organic segment. According to Lebensmittel Zeitung, eco, bio and organic products are on top and market researchers believe that Aldi, Lidl and other supermarkets will continue to increase sales in this segment.


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