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Germany: Aldi Nord's wine presentation only in cartons

Discount Retail Chain Aldi Nord maintains its linear block wine presentation in carton boxes. This is makes it very characteristic, in the sense that it is recognizable at a glance. Instead of individual wine bottle presentation, which is most common also at other discount retailers in Germany, the linear block presentation in a carton of 6 of bottles of the same wine, as a single reference. At the shelf stock can be held by positioning two or more boxes behind or on top of each other.

Obviously, such this solution is suitable for retailers who:

  • has a small number of SKU references,

  • have a small sales area

  • have own private label products to create an equal box design.

The result is maximum rational and efficiency in the category. Evidently, Aldi Nord has sacrificed a good part of its previous alcohol assortment in favour of this solution.


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