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Germany: Cloud service from the supermarket giant?

Discount Retail Chain Lidl's mother the Schwarz Group, also the owner of Kaufland wants to succeed with cloud services. Initially, the focus is on medium-sized companies and start-ups.

The Schwarz Group is now actually entering the cloud business with some delay. The retail group is thus competing with the big American tech companies Google, Amazon and Microsoft among others. The group announced on Tuesday that the cloud service and data centers are now also available to customers outside the group.

The company is launching its offer on behalf of "Stackit" with a delay of almost a year. Originally, there was talk of mid-2021. "The cloud market itself is dominated by non-European providers," says Christian Müller, CEO of the Schwarz Group's IT BU subsidiary, in a statement. The new offer is now a "sovereign European alternative".

According to him, the company attaches great importance to data security and data protection. The data centers are located in Germany and Austria and are fully subject to European law and the General Data Protection Regulation. At the beginning, people became involved in solutions for small and medium-sized companies in all sectors as well as concentrating on technology start-ups, Müller said. The team currently consists of 150 employees and is constantly growing.

According to the group, the group's own cloud platform was initially developed in 2018 for internal work in order to advance digitization. After that, the service will be expanded to also be attractive for external customers. Thanks to the internal experience, one can now “comprehensive advice and thus the best possible service”.


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