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Germany: Edeka provides a new logo for his discount brand 'Gut & Gunstig'

Germany leading supermarket chain EDEKA's own private label branded products for discount prices have received a modernized logo for the first time since twenty years ago. Although the changes are rather timid, the new appearance is successful and comes at the right time.

The vast majority of the product in the supermarket most customers did not want to miss during the Corona crisis and thus gave the retail chains a considerable lead over the discounters for a long time. Because everyone has to save because of increasing prices, the balance of power is turning again. And the supermarkets try to keep against this change.

Edeka is particularly committed to being perceived as a place where it can also be buy cheaply. At the moment, the retailer advertises, among other things, "less and still the full diversity" and promises "over 7,000 products at the discount price".

Around 2,600 of them can be struck under the 'Gut&Gunstig' discount brand and exactly this is currently range is undergoing a rebranding. After the packaging has already become much more colorful in recent years, the logo has been exchanged for the first time after two decades.

The new red round corner

The changes are rather timid: the white font has remained on bright red background. However, a much more rounder, more bulky logo variant has been moved in the place of the triangle with the base wave and the sharp edges. The "Gut&Gunstig", which has so far been more brutal in three lines, looks much more modern and soft in the newly chosen written form. In addition, the "&" has moved one level higher. All in all, the new appearance looks quite successful.

The basic designs of the packaging, often already renewed, unlike in the past, no more cross-sorting design, otherwise seem to remain largely the same. In some places, product variants with an old and new logo are on the shelf at the same time.

The change is recognizable across all product categories. With fresh fruit and vegetables, the round corner is already gluing on bananas, apples, peaches, tomatoes, grapes and lemons.


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