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Germany: NORMA again named "Best Discounter"

Hard Discount Retail Chain NORMA (owned by German Family Roth) can officially name itself "Germany's Best Discounter" for the second time in a row. The "Germany's Best" brand ranking by German business magazine Focus Money showed that the Nuremberg food retailer is again at the forefront in terms of popularity among customers this year. In 2019, NORMA received the title for the first time and has now successfully defended it.

In the overall ranking, NORMA achieved the top score of 100 and thus left all competitors well behind. The top position confirms the food discounter's strategy of offering its customers maximum transparency and the best product quality at affordable prices. A total of 24,000 brands from 216 industries were examined in the "Germany's Best" brand ranking.

Millions of positive customer votes for NORMA

In this year's Focus Money brand ranking, a total of 438 million online sources were evaluated - including German-language news sites, social media channels, websites, blogs, forums and press releases. With the help of artificial intelligence, it was examined how often a brand was mentioned in it. In the next step, the experts evaluated whether the respective brands were positively or negatively assigned and thus calculated the so-called tonality balance. So it shows which brand is most often spoken about positively. This is exactly where NORMA was able to score.

The award proves one thing above all: NORMA customers appreciate the transparency and quality of the Nuremberg grocery discounter with particularly positive reviews in the online media. The close alignment of the range to customer requirements is also rewarded: In recent years NORMA has further diversified its product range and, for example, is even better able to meet the growing demand for vegan, lactose and gluten-free products. The increased interest in "organic" was also answered with a large selection of products. However, NORMA has always remained true to its motto and will continue to promise all buyers "More value for their money" in the future.

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