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Germany: Schwarz expands its vertical integration within the bread category

Updated: Apr 12

Schwarz Produktion, owned by Lidl's mother company Schwarz Group, wants to acquire the ARTiBack GmbH from Halle in Germany. At the moment the acquisition of ARTiBack is subject to approval by the antitrust authorities. Schwarz wants acquiring the large baker ARTiBack GmbH based in Saxony-Anhalt.

"ARTiBack is an excellent addition to our existing bakery production, which we have built up very successfully over the past ten years. On this basis, we will continue the success story of ARTiBack in the long term under the umbrella of Schwarz Production," explains Jörg Aldenkott, CEO of Schwarz Production.

The production location in Halle is ultra-modern. ARTiBack has been producing freshly baked bread specialties and rolls based on artisan baking traditions since 2018. Together with Bonback in Übach-Palenberg, we want to make the high quality and variety of baked goods available to everyone and further develop the new location.


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