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Italy: Lidl invests 70 million euros in a new logistics center in Assemini

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Italia (owned by the German Schwarz Group), the GDO leader chain with over 700 stores throughout Italy, today presented the project for the construction of its new logistics pole in Assemini, in the province of Cagliari. The structure, which will be built thanks to an investment in the area of ​​over 70 million euros (US$70mio), will host the first Lidl warehouse in Sardinia and the twelfth in Italy. A strategic plan of great importance which, in addition to generating a significant induced in Sardinia, will contribute to the creation of 140 new jobs. This important project confirms, once again, the company's commitment to the country through a clear sign of trust and optimism towards the future.

The structure under construction

The construction of the Assemini logistics center was born from the need of Lidl Italia to support the continuous expansion on the Sardinian territory, in which it is currently present with 21 stores and a team of about 400 employees. The new warehouse, which will be completed in 2024, will allow the chain to optimize its distribution efficiency, with a consequent positive implication in terms of customer service.

The new logistics center will extend on a total covered area of ​​over 37,000 square meters, will be equipped with a 1,100 kW photovoltaic panel and will be powered by energy from 100% from renewable sources. This structure will also allow the company to identify a new logistical structure and to shorten the distances from its points of sale, with a decrease in the average of the km covered by the goods and a consequent reduction in the environmental impact. A sustainable development strategy to which another important objective will also contribute that Lidl has set himself, namely to achieve the decarbonisation of transport by 2030.

During the press conference Roberto Eretta, CEO of Lidl Italia sales, commented: “This important project brings with it a significant implication also for the territory. Many of the companies we are collaborating with for its realization, in fact, are Sardinian. Thanks to them and the profitable collaboration with the Provincial Industrial Consortium of Cagliari (Cacip) and with the local administration, the works are proceeding quickly. "

Investments and economic impact

According to the research "Lidl's contribution to the Italian system", conducted by SDA Bocconi School of Management, in 2020 Lidl Italia generated overall impacts (between direct, indirect and induced relapses) on the GDP of the Sardinia Region for about € 110 million, even at 21.0% of the total value made by the main GDO players operating in the area. The study also states that the company generates 2,800 jobs in Sardinia (between direct, indirect and induced workers), equal to 9.2% of the employment produced by the sector in the region.

A positive impact that is destined to grow: in the three-year period 2022-2024 Lidl Italia will invest 1.5 billion euros (US$ 1.5Bn) on the national territory for the opening of 150 new stores and for the enhancement of the logistics network, in order to make the supply of even more functional goods. This investment will represent a first step towards achieving an important objective of the development of the sales network which will touch 1,000 stores by 2030. From the employment point of view, moreover, what announced will produce a significant expansion of the staff, with the creation of everything The national territory of over 6,000 new jobs by 2024.

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