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UK: Mere prepared for first opening

Russian discount retail chain Mere (Schneider family owned) has started accepting supplies of goods as it prepares to open its nearly completed first store in the UK. "We started taking deliveries at the Preston store. The opening date will be August 14th 2021," said The Grocer manager of business development at Mere UK, Aleksandr Czkalov. It is the first of four stores in the UK to be opened by Mere this year, the other three located in Castleford, Caldicot and Hiccups said that deliveries had so far been on schedule, although the company was prepared for the possibility of delays due to the ongoing national shortage of truck drivers.

Mere wants to open 300 stores in the UK within a decade. Suppliers who want to work with Mere must deliver products directly to stores, and the chain will only pay them for the goods sold. Food will be on display on pallets and in a walk-in refrigerator.

Each discounter with an area of about 10 thousand square feet will offer no more than 1,200 SKU, and the staff will be about eight people.

See here for more: Mere prepared for uk first opening - Detail (

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