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Netherlands: Deposit on recyclable plastic juice bottles at Lidl

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Netherlands (owned by the German Schwarz Group) will introduce a deposit on all plastic juice bottles and takes the next step in its recycling policy. This introduction has started from the summer and now all 439 Lidl stores are so far. The juice bottles can be returned to Lidl and other intake points. With this voluntary introduction of deposit on juice bottles, Lidl is taking the next step in its recent plastic strategy.

Juice bottles

“It is now clear to the customer; There is a deposit on all plastic juice bottles in our stores. By introducing deposit on all these PET bottles, we protect the environment and maintain the benefits of the material, "says Quirine de Weerd, Senior Manager Corporate Responsibility & Relations at Lidl. “Our vision is to convert the waste today into recyclable materials of tomorrow. With that goal in mind, we reduce plastic where possible and keep it in the closed cycle. "

About Lidl Netherlands

Lidl is one of the largest supermarket chains in the Netherlands with now 439 stores and a webshop for non-food. Under the motto "The highest quality for the lowest price" Lidl offers a wide range of food and non-food items. Lidl has been named the best supermarket in fruit and vegetables (source GFK) for the 10th time.

Lidl makes sustainability and a healthy lifestyle affordable and accessible for everyone. We offer a responsible assortment that is created with care for people, animals and the environment. At Lidl, customers automatically opt for a more sustainable product, for example, our coffee, tea, chocolate, dairy and fish have a sustainability mark. As a future -proof organization, sustainability is part of business operations at Lidl: we build sustainable, reuse residual flows and prevent food waste. As a company that is in the middle of society, we work together with, among others, Netherlands 'Zoemt' and the Dutch Food Banks. We do all this not only, but together with suppliers, employees, partners and customers.


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