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Germany: Non-Food Discounter Action offers Click & Collect shopping options

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Almost 300 stores in Germany are open during the lockdown with a limited range of important everyday products with Click & Collect, Action also gives its customers access to other products in its range at affordable prices in 380 stores nationwide.

Consumers can now shop at the non-food discount store Action using Click & Collect. To do this, reserve items from home on the website and specify a date and time when you want to pick up the goods from which branch. Payment is made upon collection in the branch under appropriate security precautions. "Click & Collect offers a safe shopping experience in times of the pandemic: Possible contacts are reduced to a necessary minimum, queues and long waiting times are avoided," explains Bart Raeymaekers, Managing Director of Action Germany, "with Click & Collect not only the need can be addressed everyday goods; selected items from other product groups, such as handicraft and painting supplies, children's toys, decoration, multimedia, housewares or home improvement supplies can also be procured in this way. Action would like to make its contribution to overcoming the pandemic - also for those who live in Working from home and relying on work materials or for the employment of the students while the schools remain closed" continues Raeymaekers.

The offer has been running in most branches since mid-December and will be further expanded in the course of January. "Our customers are very satisfied with this variant of online shopping. In a short time, the number of those who shop using Click & Collect has already doubled." This is due to the location of many Action stores, which are located in residential areas and enable quick shopping - especially for goods that are in demand in times of distance and home office, such as. B. Toner, candy and batteries. More than 250 items can currently be ordered using Click & Collect.

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