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Poland: Lidl saturates Warsaw

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Discount Retail Chain Lidl is constructing more than a dozen new Lidl stores in the Polish capital.

Lidl runs 732 stores in Poland, located throughout the country. It opens several dozen stores a year and plans to maintain this pace of expansion, developing organically, also in the largest city in Poland.

'Warsaw is an top priority city for us, therefore we intend to continue to develop our discount chain stores here. We currently have over 30 Lidl Polska stores in Warsaw and a dozen facilities that are just under construction,' explains Aleksandra Robaszkiewicz, head of corporate communications Lidl Polska. 'When choosing a location, we take into account all Warsaw districts and select upon customer proximity, easy accessible and the size of the plot,' he adds. 'Lidl is not present in all 18 districts of Warsaw. The target number of Lidl Polska stores in Warsaw is not specified. The development of the discount chain in Warsaw depends on many variables and our strategy may change at any moment,' explains Robaszkiewicz.

As you can guess, the layout of the Lidl under construction will be similar to that located in Wilanów at al. Rzeczpospolita. The shopfloor will be located on the first floor and offices on the second. In addition, a covered parking lot will be provided for motorized customers.

At the moment four Lidl's, operate in the northern district of the Polish capital. Lidl has started to build another three stores, including one non-standard store, in this district.

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